My Favorite Quotes & Sayings

“Girl Down” – Big Freedia…meaning: you absolutely are wonderful at what you are doing
“Join the Club” – common…meaning: you are not the only person who has or is experiencing a particular event, occurrence, or emotion.
“I can’t” – common…meaning: this situation or conversation is so very frustrating and nerve wrecking that I can’t stand to fathom continuing to endure it.
“I don’t want to play” – Sonnet#C…meaning: a person or persons are conducting themselves in such a way that may end up being embarrassing or even dangerous, and I do not want to be apart of the possibilities of this fiasco.
“Done & done” – common…meaning: if I weren’t already completely washing my hands of this situation, then as of now, I am absolutely completely cleansed of further discussions, ramifications, and/or consequences of this situation.
What are some of your quotes?  Leave them below.

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